We are back in the highlands

We are back in the highlands, we been cutting peats for the last cupple of weaks and its been such amazing wether, our good frinds Morgian and Rob (video) have been hear with us making a film about it all. We been surfing with my niece Iona with hear surf school witch was so fun. There has boon a massiv hill fire up hear tho, its about 25 miles east of us but we still get surounded in smoke if the wind is blowing towards us. It must be massive to make that much smoke.

Lots of nice things this week

Hay so lots of really ace thing happening this week :) first is Tomorrow (Monday) we are playing a duo show, me (Jamie) and Emily for High & Lonesome supporting the ace Faith Eliott, its at Oporto in Leeds. https://www.facebook.com/events/764370563964158/

Then on Tuesday we are going to watch Withered Hand at The Red Shed in Wakefield (we dont have anything to do with this show but its just going to be so good we though you should all know and also come and watch as well) https://www.facebook.com/events/2275544616056548/

Then on Thursday is the next Bodys show (the ace gigs Ems from mi mye pouts on) Its also Ems is birthday to so that will be fun. Morgan from mi mye band Buen Chico are playing to and im standing in on drums as well. Then we are all going to have a fricking ace time watching The Golden Age of TV


We are comming to play Celtic Conections :)

We are comming to play Celtic Connections :) and this is such a big deal for me (Jamie)

When i was 15 my christmass present was to go to Celtic Connections and watch Stephan Grapple (the words greatest fiddle player ever) It was magical. He was so so old and was helped onstage, sat down and played the most beautifal music ever. I loved it. Ever since then Celtic Connections has had a big place in my hart and now we are getting to go and play at it :) YES XXXX

We are so excited that our Wakefield show has sold out :)

We are so excited that our Wakefield show has sold out :)

We love getting to play in Wakefield, and with this show being in the beautifal Chantry Chapple (one of only three in the world, a little church on a bridge)

The show wil be a show of new songf from our new record and also classice mi mye christmass related songs.

For all you that have got a ticket see you there :)

Much LOve x Jamie

A week today our new album cam out :)

A week today our new album cam out, and we are so so chuffed about it, we loved making it and we are so pleased that people seem to be into it. We went on tour, we are still on tour really but we have all poped back to work for a few days to catch up on some sleep/transport planning/making other ace bands record. We have never fealt so much love to and from so many people and it is something we are so so happy about :) Love to all xx

Our new single "Euro Disney' is out

Our new single "Euro Disney' is out now

Disney uses cartoon characters as a symbol for different things, but with the idea that they have a moral quality, and that each character has an individual that people connect with. So when you go to the parks there is one you want to talk to or have your photo taken with. The early years of Euro Disney in Paris is the perfect age for lots of us to have distinct memories about, but all relating to each other. 

Emily went to Euro Disney and wanted her picture taken with one of the Chipmunks, but he didn't see her as she was little and the Chipmunk was in a massive costume. Emily was heart broken and felt rejected.

While she was crying about this, her sister posed for a photo with the Chipmunk and so in the very back of the photo you can see Emily, but the edge of the photo cuts off the person that was consoling her, and no one remembers. This song from Mi Mye is the simplest of songs in many ways, it just looks at the photo.

Musically this track is sonically consistent, with a ba ba ba ba ba on the keys and the drums, with small elements of beautiful guitar and piano melodies.

Lots of nice stuf about our new record :)

our first two singles "Ok so" and Your left side" have had so many nice things written about them :) witch is so nice. 

Hear are some links and some nice quotes

"Delicate, hazy vocals drift over out-of-time loops and mighty drums, creating a soaring soundscape brimming with optimism despite the sadness that reaches out and really tugs on the heartstrings" Popped Music https://poppedmusic.co.uk/2018/08/21/13758/

"Building on their experience, Mi Mye are able to surge into new areas, incorporating personal, and often quite unexpected, experiences. A mature, nuanced return, 'Your Left Side' seeks out communal between band and listener, a song about empathy, kindness, and recovery" Clash Music https://www.clashmusic.com/news/premiere-mi-mye-your-left-side

"The track's melancholy underlined by a quiet euphoria evokes the likes of The National and Frightened Rabbit (RIP Scott Hutchison) at their very best" Faded Glamour http://www.fadedglamour.co.uk/2018/07/listen-mi-mye-ok-so-album-preview.html?m=1

"Like so much of Mi Mye’s work, it’s emotional and raw, without explicitly wearing its feelings on its sleeve, like real life there’s plenty of nuance between the extremes, and it’s in that middle that sometimes the most honest, and important, music is created" For The Rabbits https://fortherabbits.net/2018/07/06/five-things-we-liked-this-week-06-07-18/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

We where on the radio :)

So on the Saturday at Long Division we bumped into Alan Raw from the BBC and he seed that his show that night was being broadcast from the festival and if we wanted to pop in we can.  We then totally forgot all about it and went off and had a grate time at the festival, and then just after leaving the piy shop and watching a little bit of King Creosote re remembered about Alan offer, so we ran to the caff he was doing his show from (Emily's mum used to work at) and sneaked our way onto the radio :) we also used the bathroom there to and still made it in time for the end of the Barefoot Beware set.  Ace times.

Hear is the radio interview