Lots of nice stuf about our new record :)

our first two singles "Ok so" and Your left side" have had so many nice things written about them :) witch is so nice. 

Hear are some links and some nice quotes

"Delicate, hazy vocals drift over out-of-time loops and mighty drums, creating a soaring soundscape brimming with optimism despite the sadness that reaches out and really tugs on the heartstrings" Popped Music https://poppedmusic.co.uk/2018/08/21/13758/

"Building on their experience, Mi Mye are able to surge into new areas, incorporating personal, and often quite unexpected, experiences. A mature, nuanced return, 'Your Left Side' seeks out communal between band and listener, a song about empathy, kindness, and recovery" Clash Music https://www.clashmusic.com/news/premiere-mi-mye-your-left-side

"The track's melancholy underlined by a quiet euphoria evokes the likes of The National and Frightened Rabbit (RIP Scott Hutchison) at their very best" Faded Glamour http://www.fadedglamour.co.uk/2018/07/listen-mi-mye-ok-so-album-preview.html?m=1

"Like so much of Mi Mye’s work, it’s emotional and raw, without explicitly wearing its feelings on its sleeve, like real life there’s plenty of nuance between the extremes, and it’s in that middle that sometimes the most honest, and important, music is created" For The Rabbits https://fortherabbits.net/2018/07/06/five-things-we-liked-this-week-06-07-18/amp/?__twitter_impression=true