Our new single "Euro Disney' is out

Our new single "Euro Disney' is out now

Disney uses cartoon characters as a symbol for different things, but with the idea that they have a moral quality, and that each character has an individual that people connect with. So when you go to the parks there is one you want to talk to or have your photo taken with. The early years of Euro Disney in Paris is the perfect age for lots of us to have distinct memories about, but all relating to each other. 

Emily went to Euro Disney and wanted her picture taken with one of the Chipmunks, but he didn't see her as she was little and the Chipmunk was in a massive costume. Emily was heart broken and felt rejected.

While she was crying about this, her sister posed for a photo with the Chipmunk and so in the very back of the photo you can see Emily, but the edge of the photo cuts off the person that was consoling her, and no one remembers. This song from Mi Mye is the simplest of songs in many ways, it just looks at the photo.

Musically this track is sonically consistent, with a ba ba ba ba ba on the keys and the drums, with small elements of beautiful guitar and piano melodies.